What is it?

It is a visual platform about the evolution of the landscape of the Balearic Islands through photography and other disciplines (drawing, painting, engraving, etc.), in line with the postulates of the European Landscape Convention (Florence 20 October 2000, Council of Europe) and the Historical Heritage Law of the Balearic Islands (12/1998).

Managed by the research group on Audio-visual, mass media, and illustration heritage (University of the Balearic Islands). In collaboration with I+D+i El paisaje que habla. Marco teórico y referencias culturales interdisciplinares. México, Portugal y España como escenarios. (PID2020-120553GB-I00), finançat per MCIN/ AEI/10.13039/501100011033.

Receiving the support of the special action in research and development 2017-2019 (EEO75/2017) of the Directorate General for Innovation and Research. Vice-presidency and Ministry of Innovation, Research and Tourism. Balearic Government.

With the following aims:

  • Disseminate how the landscape has been historically perceived and transformed.
  • Creation of an image bank of the evolution of the local landscape.
  • Photograph and re-photograph the same place in a repetitive and methodical way over the years
  • Establish a comparative criterion in order to compare images of the same place at different times and periods.
  • Discover the transformation of the landscape due to tourism development.
  • Disseminate the photographic heritage of the Balearic Islands, kept on the Islands and in other places.
  • Make known the pictorial, drawing, and engraving collections of local institutions and museums.
  • Facilitate the dissemination of images produced by local photographers.

Having previously received the support of the Science Fair and the Sol Meliá Chair of Tourism Studies, collaborating with the R&D&i project “The construction of a tourism image through photography. The case of The Balearics (1930-1965)” (HAR2010-21691. Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Government of Spain).